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We make connected devices and sensors to help you monitor your infrastructure and reduce costs.

Monitoring and Alerting

Real-time monitoring and alerting when a critical event happened. (by Emails, text messages, or even your custom webhook.)

Data Analysis and Predictions

We analyze collected data to allow predictive maintenance of your assets instead of schedule-based ones.

Anomaly Detection

We detect anomalies when the data looks unusual and we trigger an alert. This enables you to take proactive action before a critical event happens.

Quality and Precision

We design and build our products ourselves (in France). We choose only high-end components from trusted manufacturers and we apply our Quality Assurance standards.


We take advantage of various technologies such as LoRaWAN, Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, GSM, ZigBee, and other protocols to ensure our devices will be always connected and efficient

No vendor lock-in

Collected data is all yours and always will be. You can export your data anytime in a standard format that suits your needs (CSV, XML, JSON).


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VAT Number: FR87893566935

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